Early interests in extra-musical stimuli, from medieval iconography to Bauhaus constructivism, have been succeeded by a fascination with states of order, failure, a notable interest in formal design based on the influence of 'pathways' (labyrinths and mazes), and the paradoxical notion of clarity through density. Disorder, mutation, and the use of graphic input as a fundamental compositional deteminant are explored in many of Hesketh's recent works (Uncoiling the River, In Ictu Occuli, Of Time and Disillusionment, and Along Dark Paths).

"...virtuoso stuff, full of whip-crack rhythms and vertiginous instrumental writing."

"... a musical argument of amazing fleetness and polyphonic power."

“Throughout, the relentless sense of the mechanical is rarely obvious, but is subtly all-pervading, never dominating the cleverly constructed larger-scale structures, but firmly guiding and driving the music’s onward direction.”

This section is divided in to six sub-sections with works grouped together by instrumental forces. Click on the links below or use the menu to the right for PDFs and MP3s

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